Prevent Drive Aways

Available for the first time, a product that interlocks the trailer to the loading bay ensuring drive-away cannot occur during loading and unloading. All at a fraction of the cost of the existing solutions on the market.

Salvo prevents drive-aways at loading bays and reduces the dependency on written procedures. The drivers can retain their keys and above all, the loaders are in control of the situation at all times.



Improves Loading Efficiency

Additional to the increased safety, Salvo has also been seen to improve the efficiency of the loading operation through improved communication between the yard and the loader with Salvo giving the loader immediate indication that the trailer is ready for loading. Also, a previously unrecognised advantage of implementing Salvo is the security aspect. Salvo ensures the loading bay doors cannot be opened until a trailer is in place, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access into the building via an open bay door.


What, Why, How?

What is it and what does it do?

The Salvo prevents the unauthorised movement of an articulated trailer during the loading or unloading of goods at a loading bay.

Why would I need such a product?

Because accidents happen. A number of high profile accidents and near misses occur every year in the logistics industry.

A typical accident…

  • A driver reverses up to a loading bay.
  • The loader starts to unload the delivered goods.
  • The driver realizes he has trapped his vehicle number plate, so gets back into the cab to pull the trailer forward. This happens just as the loader is reversing out of the trailer.
  • Consequence, loader falls through the gap.

How is it different from what’s on the market already?

The Salvo forces the operator / driver to carry out tasks prior to the loading process beginning. The Salvo removes the human error element. Most existing safety products used in the loading bay industry are procedure controlled, i.e. they should be used but nothing forces them to be implemented.

A typical example would be the use of wheel chocks. They SHOULD be put in place prior to the loading operation but it relies 100% on the operators integrity and the company's enforcement of the procedure.


Wincanton - Gloucester

'Ultimately, Salvo offered us a robust, cost-effective solution that our workforce had faith in', says Mark Ford, Assistant General Manager at the site. 'Our warehouse staff are now more comfortable in their working environment and our drivers have taken to the system quite readily.'

Alex Oxley, Arla's Dispatch Area Manager, speaks of Salvo in glowing terms:

'From a health and safety point of view, it's the best thing I've ever seen. The drivers don't mind using it and I certainly wouldn't be without it.'